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Hunan Ruiyi Zihuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a "industry university research" cooperative enterprise of Central South University and a national high-tech enterprise. The company has opened up the whole process links such as technology incubation and promotion, equipment development and manufacturing and general contracting. Adhering to the concept of lean service, the company provides customers with full chain comprehensive services from technical consultation to furnace operation. At present, it has become an overall solution supplier with core competitiveness in related fields such as clean and efficient utilization of non-ferrous metal secondary resources, comprehensive recovery and safe disposal of heavy metals and arsenic containing hazardous wastes.

The company has developed a series of engineering technologies and equipment, such as the recovery and regeneration of lead from waste lead-acid batteries, the comprehensive recovery and safe disposal of hazardous wastes from lead-zinc copper smelting, the oxygen enriched side blowing smelting treatment of copper containing sludge, the harmless treatment of high arsenic materials, the vitrification of hazardous waste residue and fly ash, the low-temperature pyrolysis of organic hazardous wastes, and the comprehensive recovery of waste lithium-ion batteries, It has formed a series of patented products such as re oxygen enriched side blowing furnace, re oxygen enriched side blowing electric furnace, pure oxygen rotary furnace, low-temperature pyrolysis furnace and arsenic reduction furnace, and has deeply expanded in the fields of recycled zinc, recycled copper and secondary antimony recovery. It is committed to fully leading the non-ferrous metal recycling industry to the direction of low energy consumption, low cost, high efficiency and high automation.

The company has a professional R & D team with professors and doctors as the core; It has a design team with senior engineers and registered professional technicians as the core; It has an engineering construction, equipment manufacturing and factory intelligent transformation team with industry experts as the core, and gathers advantageous talents in metallurgy production and management, environmental protection, factory design, machinery manufacturing, automation, electrical engineering and other industries. It can independently solve a variety of problems arising from the harmless, resource and high value of heavy metals.


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