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Technology and equipment engineering of arsenic trioxide purification and preparation of metal arsenic

(Hunan Pingjiang high purity arsenic trioxide purification and quality improvement project)

The arsenic compounds in the Central South arsenic treatment scheme mainly exist in three solid substances. The arsenic containing hazardous wastes are treated into three compounds: allite, calcium arsenate or As2O3. Chondrite can directly enter the landfill, and calcium arsenate and As2O3 can produce elemental arsenic through reduction reaction. The core technology for producing As2O3 and elemental arsenic is the research and development of As2O3 purification equipment and elemental arsenic reduction equipment. In cooperation with Central South University, our company has developed As2O3 purification furnace and arsenic reduction furnace with the characteristics of high environmental protection level, high automation level and large treatment capacity. This technology has been well applied in the purification and quality improvement project of arsenic trioxide in Pingjiang, Hunan Province.

Low temperature pyrolysis technology and equipment engineering of organic hazardous waste

(Electronic circuit board pyrolysis project of Hunan Chenzhou Fengyue Technology Co., Ltd)

Combined with the situation of China's renewable resource recovery market, based on different materials, especially the materials with the coexistence of heavy metals and organics, the company has developed a unique low-temperature pyrolysis technology for organic hazardous wastes, and its core equipment is steel strip low-temperature pyrolysis furnace. The technology adopts the method of anaerobic pyrolysis for comprehensive recovery, converts all organic matter into reusable products, realizes the recycling of materials, and effectively solves the problem of environmental pollution in the process of resource recovery. It is widely used in the resource treatment of waste enameled wire, waste circuit board, waste tire, waste lithium battery and other materials. This technology aims to replace the early extensive treatment methods at the expense of environmental protection, such as the early direct incineration method, which produces a large amount of toxic substances and only extracts metal valuable substances. This technical route and equipment have been well applied in the pyrolysis project of electronic circuit board of Hunan Chenzhou Fengyue Technology Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive recycling technology and equipment engineering of waste lithium ion batteries

(Medium scale test device for comprehensive recovery of waste lithium battery)

Central South University began to enter the research of lithium battery recovery technology in 2010. In view of the mainstream practice in the market, which only recovers valuable metals such as lithium materials, the company has developed a comprehensive recovery technology of lithium batteries in combination with the research of Central South University. The core of this technology is the full component efficient and clean recovery system of waste lithium batteries. In view of the low recovery rate, long production cycle of traditional fire and wet processes in the waste lithium ion battery recovery industry Problems such as low purity of extreme powder and difficult treatment of three wastes. Considering the large process of lithium battery recovery and aiming at resource regeneration and greater benefits, the non discharge dry crushing, low-temperature volatilization and high-temperature pyrolysis full component physical separation process is adopted to solve a series of technical problems, such as long discharge cycle of brine, electrolyte water pollution, easy short-circuit discharge in the crushing process, incomplete stripping of positive and negative powder, high content of copper and aluminum chips in polar powder, fluoride pollution and so on All components of shell, copper foil, aluminum foil and positive and negative electrode powder materials are recycled cleanly, the process flow has no wastewater and waste residue discharge, the production and operation cost is low, and the recovery rate of electrode powder is more than 98.65%.

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