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Technical introduction

arsenic-bearing solid waste treatment

Arsenic is a toxic element, which poses a great threat to the ecological environment and human health. At present, the smelting industry is widely faced with the huge pressure brought by arsenic pollution, including high arsenic concentrate, high arsenic soot, arsenic filter cake, black copper mud, anode mud and other high arsenic materials, which have problems such as difficult utilization, serious dispersion of arsenic in the treatment process, difficult safe disposal, incomplete recovery of valuable metals and so on. Based on changing the backward situation of high arsenic material treatment technology in the smelting industry, the company has developed a number of key technologies such as vacuum reduction preparation of metal arsenic, arsenic containing flue gas cleaning treatment technology and arsenic filter cake self reduction leaching technology, forming a complete set of high arsenic material treatment and disposal technology package.

Processing object

Comparison of preparation processes of metal arsenic

Traditional craft

The unorganized discharge of arsenic oxide in the production process is serious, and the operation safety is not guaranteed;
Insufficient reduction degree and low product yield;
The product quality is not guaranteed and the yield is low.

Vacuum reduction process

Fully enclosed conditions and elimination of operation risk;
High reduction efficiency;
The product has high purity and guaranteed quality.

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