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Congratulations to Guangxi Ruiyi for winning the third prize in the innovation and Entrepreneurship

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The Guangxi division of the 10th China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the 6th Wuzhou innovation and entrepreneurship competition of 2021 Guangxi innovation and entrepreneurship competition were grandly held in Wuzhou science and technology enterprise entrepreneurship Park. A total of more than 70 projects signed up for the competition. After layers of selection in the preliminary examination of registration, online registration, roadshow guidance, project adjustment and other links, 41 projects were finally selected for the peak duel. The competition is divided into an 8-minute roadshow and a 7-minute question and answer session for judges. All participating enterprises show their advantages in terms of technical products, business model, business market, core team, financial analysis and so on. Guangxi Ruiyi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture subsidiary of Hunan Ruiyi Zihuan Technology Co., Ltd., won the third prize of startup group in this competition, with a bonus of 10000 yuan.

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