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Hunan tengchi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. non ferrous metal waste rare and preciou

Hunan tengchi "comprehensive recovery project of non-ferrous metal waste and rare and precious metals" is located in the park of Berlin Industrial Park, Yongxing County, covering an area of 555.32 mu. It is a key project in Hunan Province.
The project adopts advanced technology integration ideas at home and abroad, such as "cascade utilization of Complex Polymetallic materials" and "deep extraction of rare and precious metals", to recover more than 10 valuable elements and their compounds, including copper, lead, tin, antimony, bismuth, arsenic and rare and precious metals, such as gold, silver, indium, germanium, rhenium, selenium and tellurium. All metals are fully and thoroughly recovered while hazardous wastes are disposed of innocuously.

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