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Ruiyi Zihuan co organized the 16th lead zinc Summit

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On May 17, 2021, the 16th lead-zinc summit kicked off at Rongxin Huayi Hotel, Haicang District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province. The meeting gathered elites, celebrities and scholars from all walks of life in the lead-zinc industry to jointly exchange and discuss the future development trend and trend of the lead-zinc industry. Hunan Ruiyi Zihuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ruiyi Zihuan) was the co organizer of the summit.

 Liu Wei, professor and doctoral supervisor of Central South University and chairman of the company, was invited to deliver an opening speech:

01 lead smelting industry faces a new round of technological revolution
At present, the common challenge facing the primary lead, recycled lead and lead-acid battery industry is that the consumption of lead in electric bicycles, automobiles and other fields has shrunk irreversibly, resulting in the annual consumption of lead declining year by year. Therefore, increasing the consumption of data and communication standby power batteries under the background of informatization and energy storage batteries under the background of carbon neutralization will be a new opportunity to stimulate the rapid development of the industry again. How to further improve the energy storage performance of lead-acid batteries, reduce the cost of battery manufacturing and waste battery regeneration, and then reduce the energy storage cost per unit of electricity is the key core of shaking hands with new opportunities. After 15 years of development, the primary lead smelting technology has become mature and stable, and the current profit margin of the industry is also in an ideal range. Further large-scale single line scale and further concentration of industrial production capacity to leading enterprises will be the future development direction. The continuous investment of renewable lead production capacity and the closed-loop configuration of battery and recovery capacity of lead-acid battery enterprises will inevitably squeeze the primary lead enterprises, If there is no new large consumption pull, the contraction of primary lead production capacity will be irreversible. In the last five years, the development of recycled lead smelting technology has promoted the recycled lead industry to a new level, and the indicators such as cost, emission and single line scale have reached a relatively ideal state. However, new technologies that meet the low-carbon requirements should not appear, so there will be a new round of technological revolution in the recycled lead industry.
02 the 14th five year plan will be the beginning of the technological revolution in zinc smelting

From the perspective of low carbon, the current smelting technology of both primary zinc and recycled zinc is not ideal, so the "14th five year plan" will be the beginning of the revolution of zinc smelting technology. The zinc concentrate molten pool smelting technology may completely change the current pattern of zinc smelting technology, and the smelting reduction of steel plant dust may also bring technological innovation to recycled zinc. The low-carbon and efficient pyrometallurgical zinc smelting technology will radiate new vitality.

03 intelligent development trend of smelting industry
Like many other industries, intellectualization is the inevitable choice for the development of the lead-zinc industry. Due to the influence of the working environment, the number of workers in the industry with traditional operation mode will decline like a cliff. Compared with other industries, intellectualization of the lead-zinc industry is more urgent. First, develop appropriate operation machinery according to the characteristics of each process operation post; On this basis, develop proprietary sensing devices for each link; Finally, the intelligent algorithm with high integration of perception and operation is realized. Compared with iron and steel, building materials and other industries, the lead-zinc industry is relatively small, and the intelligent technical force will be relatively weak, so we need to work together.
04 high efficiency cleaning treatment of arsenic containing materials in lead-zinc smelting system

For the treatment of arsenic containing materials in lead-zinc smelting system, Professor Liu Wei introduced the overall technical scheme of efficient cleaning treatment, mainly including: distribution and behavior of arsenic in lead smelting system, solution of waste acid, solution and treatment process of arsenic filter cake, oxygen enriched side blowing treatment technology of lead scum, treatment technology of "pressure leaching cyclone electrowinning" of lead matte, source arsenic removal technology of high arsenic lead anode slime The combination of lead system with gold concentrate treatment - Matte making and gold capture in lead system, collaborative treatment of high arsenic materials by bilateral blowing, collaborative treatment of high arsenic materials by unilateral blowing, and the ultimate way out of arsenic - the combination of productization and safe disposal.

05 innovation drives industry reform and promotes industry development

The key factor to promote the reform of the industry is the progress of technology. R & D is the only choice for technological progress. The current scientific and technological R & D has become the key to changing the fate of this nation. We call on entrepreneurs to pay attention to R & D and invest in R & D, and truly form an atmosphere of innovation driven development in the industry, so that the industry can develop rapidly. In the lead smelting industry and the process of efficient and clean utilization of arsenic containing materials, the key equipment that is indispensable is also the main product of ruiyizihuan - oxygen enriched side blowing battery molten pool smelting furnace (hereinafter referred to as oxygen enriched side blowing furnace). In order to let everyone have a more intuitive understanding of the basic structure and working principle of oxygen enriched side blowing furnace, ruiyizihuan showed the oxygen enriched side blowing furnace model at the meeting site, which attracted many participants, During the whole process, Ruiyi Zihuan's colleagues explained the core technology and equipment in detail.

On May 18, 2021, the 16th lead zinc summit was successfully concluded. 2021 is the first year of the 14th five year plan and the year when the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutralization" is launched. Let's make joint efforts to contribute to the national carbon neutralization strategy and the green water and green mountain strategy.

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